Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summary of Meeting #762, The bigger picture.

Meeting #762, The bigger picture. 

A refreshing setting for the meeting as we got the bigger Keluli room for the anticipated bigger crowd. Ladies from Nawem trickled in, but alas, it wasn't a crowd as big as the afternoon downpour.

Our charismatic CC Anthony was the TME of the day, supported by calm and composed Rita, incoming President from NAWEM. TME, Anthony inadvertently tweaked the history of TMI, to the laughter of the crowd, but luckily GE was DTM Cyril. 

Invocation was done by yours truly, hopefully nobody found it too preachy, draggy and naggy.

DTM IO was the TTM and TT revolved around famous/infamous personalities. Would you be tongue tied if you were given TT to described Martin Luther King, no he is not a rapper, or Bill Clinton(I prefer to talk about Monica, her recent TED talk was impressive), how about someone closer to home like Tunku Abduh Rahman, P. Ramlee or Tun Mahathir? Sorry no topic on Mama Rosie.

CC Anthony closed the 1st half of the meeting with jokes on the Chinese. Can't believe how he imitated my voice, but at least everyone was entertained

Project speeches were brought to us by the confident Kulnam from Nawem and our own spirited Col. Nik Zaki.
Kulnam gave a speech on the fundamental of choosing the right property. Makes me wonder if I will ever own my own property. Maybe I will just wait and wait and wait until the subprime crisis and buy a burial plot instead

Col. Nik Zaki taught us how to be a distinguished club. The responsibility to be a president distinguished club certainly does on lie on the shoulder of DTMs in TMIKL only. Have we played our part to move the club forward? Have we learned anything from TM? Have we helped to others to improving their speaking skills?

We certainly missed our other dynamic and colorful personalities like, Rhoda, Rajesh, Dalila, Nik ayman, kerain shah, endrea, stirling, razwan, ammar, sharliza, Wendy, Sidney, Jesselyn, kavin, Jason toh, mugilen, andre...names that I missed out here, I will return with a chocolate bar if you say Hi.

Overall, lukewarm meeting, but certainly glad to see the tireless regulars who never say goodbye to TMIKL because TMIKL will never forsake us, we just have to come back to the meetings.

The bigger picture takes time to paint, when it is done, you will all be surprised that everyone is just as good as Picasso.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brand new or same old TMIKL on 14th July 2015

New line-up of club excos will be steering TMIK in the new 2014/2015 new TM year.

Are TMIKLites ready to go full steam ahead? Are we afraid of the pirates lurking somewhere? Will we sail into oblivion or sail into more prosperous land?

We will leave it to the members to decide. Come on board for a toastmaster journey that you will never regret!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Joint meeting of TMIKL & NAWEM on 23rd June 2015 (Tuesday)

To reciprocate, it is TMIKL's turn host the joint meeting with NAWEM. Let's make it a full house this time. 

Tentative Agenda:

Theme: The bigger picture
Door fee: RM10 
Venue: Bankers Club, Amoda
Date/Time: 22nd June 2015, Tuesday 19:00- 22:00Hrs

SAA: Ceyvian Chan CC
President's Welcome: Cyril Jonas DTM
TME: Anthony de Souza and NAWEM
Invocation: TMIKL
Humor Master: Open to all, please come prepared with a funny joke or we can all feign laughter if it is not funny
Table Topic Master: TMIKL
Table Topic Evaluator: NAWEM

Project Speeches: 

  1. TMIKL
  2. NAWEM
  3. TMIKL
  4. NAWEM

Speech Evaluations: 

  1. NAWEM
  2. TMIKL
  3. NAWEM
  4. TMIKL

General Evaluator: Special appearance by, JENG JENG JENG.    
Grammarian: NAMEM
President's Closing: NAWEM

DTM Ismail Omar and CC Lim Yi Kang just attended District Officer's Training on Saturday, 13 June 2015 at OUM, so maybe they can share something to reinvigorate the club and revitalize your resolve to continue the toastmaster journey 

Come join us for to satisfy your curiosity about the oldest club in district 51, to impress us with your speaking prowess or deliver your million dollar evaluation that touches the heart. See you there! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The bigger picture - Meeting #761 - 9th June 2015

#761 The bigger picture. 

Usual suspects attended the meeting, namely Cyril Jonas, Ismail Omar, Rhoda Omar, Anthony de Souza, Richard Toh, Rajesh Wadhwani, Mariel, Endrea Hugh & Yi Kang.

Absence of many were felt, hope they miss us too. Meeting room was half full but TMIKL was determined to put up a good show. 

Gorgeous GE Solmaz from Premier Advance TM and DTM Victor Ong from Inderahana graced the meeting with their presence. We were also delighted to have 2 other guests (potential members?).

Mariel was the dutiful TME without the script. TMI and Ralph C Smedley's history is like periodic table, difficult to memorize for some, but Mariel remembers every single turn of event like how she has the multiplication table in the back of her head.

TTM Anthony shifted the gear and stepped up the pace with TT centered around a new word "wajjib" with no relation to PM at all. Wajjib can be used both as noun or verb. For example, keep to your promises, don't be such a wajjib. Or, I don't think they are coming, I have been wajjib-ed. 

3 speeches by 3 DTM and one future DTM.

CC Rajesh was the suave MAC guy who demonstrated how to purchase a MAC book online for better reliability productivity, and some say for vanity.

DTM Victor Ong entertained us with his acrobatic vocal varieties, agile facial expressions and fluid body language in his speech about finding happiness in depression. Full of dark humor and sarcasm but not lacking in sharp observations and great wisdom.

DTM Cyril Jonas was the sleek defense lawyer who defended the innocent "but" with valor, vigor and conviction. "But" was acquitted without his defense being called. If only CC Ceyvian was here, she would be vindicated. 

DTM Ismail Omar enlightened everyone with the moment of truth. Have we been doing it right, wrong, or how come we never thought about it. One thing missing from TMIKL is real social activity, other than our WhatsApp group which is buzzing non stop. Can we hear some suggestions from the members already? Buka puasa feast, anyone?

An important observation from GE Solmaz, TMIKL needs more members to attend the meeting, some works need to be done here to excite members to attend more regularly.

TMIKL is like a big jig saw puzzle made up of small pieces which are the members. Let us move forward together, leap further and form the bigger picture.

See you at the joint meeting with NAWEN on 23rd June 2015, Tuesday 7-10pm!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Next Meeting 9 June 2015

Next Meeting Tuesday 9 June 2015

TME: Ismail Omar

Rhoda Omar
Dalila Hashim
Endrea Hugh

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Joint meeting of NAWEM and TMIKL on 1st June 2015

Will the joint meeting between TMIKL, the oldest club in District 51 and NAWEM (National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia) TM club ignite any fireworks?

Tentative Agenda:

Door fee: RM10 (sumptuous dinner will be served, I promise you that it's really good!)
Venue: NAWEM Rumah 
Date/Time: 1st June 2015 7-9pm

President's Welcome: NAWEM
Invocation: TMIKL
Humor Master: Open to all
Table Topic Master: NAWEM
Table Topic Evaluator: TMIKL

Project Speeches: 

  1. TMIKL
  2. NAWEM
  3. TMIKL
  4. NAWEM

Speech Evaluations: 

  1. NAWEM
  2. TMIKL
  3. NAWEM
  4. TMIKL

GE: Andrew Tan
Grammarian: TMIKL
President's Closing: TMIKL

Come join us for the delicious food, thought provoking speeches and excellent company. See you there! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Meeting of 26th May 2015

Next Meeting will be on Tuesday 26-5-2015
Test Post
TTM: Ceyvian Chan, CC

Project Speeches:

  1. Rajesh Wadhwani #ACM Speech to Inform: How to tie a Bow-Tie
  2. Rhoda Omar #9 CCM