Sunday, September 14, 2014

Next Meeting 23-9-2014

Our Next Meeting:
Tuesday 23-9-2014 from 19:30

Note also other important dates:

18-9-2014 Thursday Area P1&P2 Contests at Allianz Jln Gereja from 19:00

11-10-2014 Saturday Div P Contests at BTS West Level 10 from 13:30

SAA: Rhoda Omar
TME: Kavin S.
TTM: Rhoda Omar
TTE: Wendy Chiam

Induction to be conducted for the following 7 new Members:

    Haruto Oong
    Vincci Ang
    Stirling Kho
    Julie Chua
    Andre Ratos
    Khairul Anuar Sambak
    Kavin Segaran

with their allocated  Mentors in attendance:

    Yikang Lim
    Rhoda Omar
    Wendy Chiam
    Richard Toh
    Cyril Jonas
    Lt Col Nik Zaki
    Ismail Omar

Project Speeches:

  1.     Ismail Omar CC #7
  2.     Ceyvian Chan CC #7
  3.     Wendy Chian CC #7
  4.     Cyril Jonas AC #5


  1.     Richard Toh
  2.     Ismail Omar
  3.     Rhoda Omar
  4.     Lim Yikang

Grammarian: Mariel
'AH' Counter:Shaun Heng
Timer: Stirling Kho

In all xx Members and xx Guests were in attendance

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Minutes of Meeting 9-9-2014

The Meeting was held on Tuesday 9-9-2014 starting at 19:30

SAA: Rhoda Omar
TME: Kavin S.
TTM: Rhoda Omar
TTE: Wendy Chiam

No Induction was conducted for the following 7 new Members:

  1. Haruto Oong
  2. Vincci Ang
  3. Stirling Kho
  4. Julie Chua
  5. Andre Ratos 
  6. Khairul Anuar Sambak
  7. Kavin Segaran
but they were allocated their Mentors:

  1. Yikang Lim
  2. Rhoda Omar
  3. Wendy Chiam
  4. Richard Toh
  5. Cyril Jonas
  6. Lt Col Nik Zaki
  7. Ismail Omar

Project Speeches:

  1. Ismail Omar CC #5
  2. Ceyvian Chan CC #6
  3. Cyril Jonas AC #5
  1. Rhoda Omar
  2. Richard Toh
  3. Ismail Omar

Grammarian: Richard
'AH' Counter:Bok Lan
Timer: Vincci Ang
Also Present: Mariel Fong, Stirling Kho, Shaun Heng

In all 12 Members no Guests

Monday, August 18, 2014

Minutes of Meeting 26-8-2014

What Happened at the Meeting Tuesday 26-8-2014

SAA: Ceyvian Chan
TME: Wendy Chiam
GE: Grace Chan

The meeting began with the visiting AG Grace Chan installing the new Club Officers for the current Session:

SAA: Rhoda Omar, CC, CL
Treasurer: Endrea Hugh (not present)
Secretary: Ismail Omar, DTM
VP-PR: Richard Toh, CL
VP-M Yikang Lim, (also doing his CC#10 Speech at this meeting)
VP-Education: Wendy Chiam
President: Cyril Jonas, ACS, ALB

All participants adjourned for refreshment and catch-up.

After the break:

Project Speakers:

Ceyvian Chan CC#5
Yikang Lim CC#10 (pic left below)
Cyril Jonas AC#4 (pic right below)

Speech Evaluators:
Ismail Omar
Anthony de Souza
Rhoda Omar

Other Roles:
Grammarian: Richard Toh
AH Counter: Kavin Segaran
Timer: Vincci And

Highlight of the evening was #10 Speech by Yikang Lim when he spoke of his stay in Japan and his philosophy of life inspiring his audience to get out there and enjoy life, see the world, meet different types of people eat different types of food.
He concluded by declaring his love for his wife and young son.

We had 3 guests of whom 2 decided to become members and the third will come come back after looking around visiting other clubs.

Reported by Edward
(Secretary and Web-head)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

TLI 16-8-2014 Div P & W

TMIKL Team was there 5 out of 7
L to R: LGET Su Ding, Yikang Lim and Cyril Jonas

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 12-8-14

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests.

In the Picture above:
from left:
Andrew Tan (Div P Governor),
Rhoda Omar (Contest Chair-Humorous Speech),
Mariel Fong (Winner),
Wendy Chiam (Second),
Endrea Hugh (Third) and
Nik M Zaki (Org Chair)

Speech Evaluation Contest Results:
Winner: Cyril Jonas
Second: Yikang Lim
Third: Shaun Heng

Real world Class speakers will be in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 20th to 23rd August at the Toatmasters International Convention: the first time ever that the event is held outside North America.

Normal Club Meeting will be on 26th August 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Meeting on 22-7-2014

Minutes of the Meeting on 22nd July 2014

Meeting of Tuesday 22-7-2014
Venue: Bankers Club Floor 21

Meeting started at 19:30 sharp with Acring SAA calling Meeting to order.
The SAA invited the CP Cyril Jonas, ACS, ALB to proceed with the Meeting.
CP invited guests to introduce themselves. Among the guests were the Div P Governor Andrew Tan, ACS, ALB and Sue Chai CC who answered our invitation to be Meeting General Evaluator.

TME: Rhoda Omar, CC, CL
TTM:Mariel Fong, TM
TTE: Andrew Tan, ACS, ALB

GE: Sue Chai, CC
Grammarian: Ismail Omar, DTM
AH Counter: Shaun Heng, TM
Timer:Wendy Chiam


  1. Ceyvian Chan, #4
  2. Jesslynne Lai, TM #4
  3. Ismail Omar, DTM #4


  1. Yikang Lim, TM
  2. Cyril Jonas, ACS, ALB
  3. Andrew Tan, ACS, ALB

Next Meeting 12th August 2014
Which is our Humorous Contests day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All the Presidents of TMIKL since 1978

All the Presidents of TMIKL since founding

1977-78 Dr Peter Shepard, DTM (Pro Tem)
1978-79 Shaik Mohamad
1979-80 K Kumarasivam
1980-81 D P Vijandran
1981-82 Asma Abdullah
1982-83 Bob Borhanuddin
1983-84 Ong Siok Beng/Ching Lai Huat
1984-85 Iris Cheah
1985-86 Michael Chiam Tow Hui
1986-87 Susila S Param
1987-88 R Punithavathy
1988-89 Leow Kim Kooi
1989-90 Nandah Kumar Menon
1990-91 Vincent Voo
1991-92 Michael Chiam Tow Hui
1992-93 Dr K S Nathan
1993-94 Vincent Voo
1994-95 Premila Gana
1995-96 Rema Paul
1996-97 Eileen Crawley
1997-98 Ian Rees
1998-99 Susan Yap
1999-00 Dr Gurnam Singh
2000-01 Elizabeth Xavier
2001-02 Dr Gurnam Singh (Last Reports Submitted to ROS)
2002-03 Ranjinath Muniandy
2003-04 Liane Lim
2004-05 Cheah Yeung Hua
2005-06 Michelle Wong
2006-07 Sandra Ghouse
2007-08 Kwong Chee Seong
2008-09 Cyril Jonas
2009-10 Mas Rizal A Rahim
2010-11 Sidney Ng
2011-12 Richard Toh
2012-13 Sandra Ghouse
2013-14 Anthony de Souza
2014-15 Cyril Jonas