Thursday, May 21, 2015

Joint meeting of NAWEM and TMIKL on 1st June 2015

Will the joint meeting between TMIKL, the oldest club in District 51 and NAWEM (National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia) TM club ignite any fireworks?

Tentative Agenda:

Door fee: RM10 (sumptuous dinner will be served, I promise you that it's really good!)
Venue: NAWEM Rumah Puspanita
Date/Time: 1st June 2015 7-9pm

President's Welcome: NAWEM
Invocation: TMIKL
Humor Master: Open to all
Table Topic Master: NAWEM
Table Topic Evaluator: TMIKL

Project Speeches: 

  1. TMIKL
  2. NAWEM
  3. TMIKL
  4. NAWEM

Speech Evaluations: 

  1. NAWEM
  2. TMIKL
  3. NAWEM
  4. TMIKL

GE: Andrew Tan
Grammarian: TMIKL
President's Closing: TMIKL

Come join us for the delicious food, thought provoking speeches and excellent company. See you there! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Meeting of 26th May 2015

Next Meeting will be on Tuesday 26-5-2015

TTM: Ceyvian Chan, CC

Project Speeches:

  1. Rajesh Wadhwani #ACM Speech to Inform: How to tie a Bow-Tie
  2. Rhoda Omar #9 CCM

Meeting of 12th May 2015 AGM

Meeting of 12th May 2015 is also AGM day:

GE: Andrew Tan
TME: Yikang Lim

Project Speakers:

  1. Dalila Hashim #8 Internet of Things
  2. Cyril Jonas #6 The Ice Cream Man
  3. Rajesh Wadhwani #2 ACM Speaking to Inform, Energy Saving

At The AGM the followings were elected to the Exco positions:

  • President: Rajesh Wadhwani, CC
  • V-P Education:  Ceyvian Chan, CC
  • V-P Membership: Stirling Kho
  • V-P PR: Yikang Lim, CC
  • Secretary: Rhoda Omar, CC, ALB
  • Treasurer: Ismail Omar, DTM
  • SAA: Razwan Rashid

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Meeting of 28th April 2015

The Meeting of Tuesday 28th April 2015

GE: Grace Chan, ACB, ALB
TME: Rhoda Omar, CC, ALB
TTM: Endrea Hugh,
TTE: Richard Toh

Project Speeches:

  1. Sharliza Haris AM Communicating on Video #1 Manage your energy not your time
  2. Rajesh Wadhwani AM Speaking to Inform #1 Protecting Mother Earth
  3. Stirling Kho CC Manual #5 Chapter of Life
  4. Cyril Jonas, DTM CC Manual #5 The Speaker's Presence
Speech Evaluators:

  1. Cyril Jonas
  2. Wendy Chiam
  3. Col. Nik M Zaki
  4. Ismail Omar

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meeting 14 Apr 2015

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TMIKL achieves President's Distinguished Status scoring 10 Goals 
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Our Next Meeting is 14 April, 2015

TME: Endrea Hugh, TM
TTM: Mariel, TM
TTE: Richard Toh, CL
Gram: Ceyvian, CC
Timer: Yikang, CC
'AH' Counter: Rhoda, CC, ALB

Project Speakers: (Evaluators)
  1. Nur Asyikin #1 (_____)
  2. Amar #2 (Anthony de Souza, CC)
  3. Kerain Shah, #4 (Yikang Lim, CC)
  4. Dalila #8 (Kerain Shah, CC)
  5. Rajesh, CC #2 (_____) 

If you wish to visit us please send us an email or leave a comment below

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Meeting 24 March 2015

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TMIKL achieves President's Distinguished Status scoring 10 Goals 
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Our Next Meeting is 24 March 2015

TME: Richard Toh, CL

Project Speakers: (Evaluators)
  1. Evelynn Siau #1 (Anthony de Souza, CC)
  2. Razwan #2 (Ismail Omar, DTM)
  3. Cyril Jonas #4 (Yikang Lim, CC)
  4. Endrea Hugh #8 (Kerain Shah, CC)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Meeting 10 March 2015

Our next Meeting is as follows:
Date: Tuesday 10-3-2015
Time: 19.25
Venue: Bankers Club, Floor 22 AMODA Jln Imbi, KL

17 President's Distinguised Club potentially in D-51

Project Speeches:
#1 Razwan Rashidi Speech #1
#2 Stirling Kho #4

Role Players needed