Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Next Meeting 13-5-2014 AGM Day

Day/Date; Tuesday 13-5-2014 at 19:30

Project Speeches:

Dalila Hashim CC#4 (Evaluator Cyril)
Lim Yikang CC#10 (Evaluator Richard)

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Meeting of Tuesday 22-4-2014

Date/Time: Tuesday 22-4-14 from 19:30

Presiding Officer - Anthony de Souza
SAA - Col Nik M Zaki

Invocator -

TME - Cyril Jonas, ACS, ALS

Table Topics Master - Richard Toh
Humour Master -
Table Topics Evaluator - Col Dzulkarnain

General Evaluator -Cyril Jonas, ACS, ALB
Grammarian - Mariel Fong, TM
AH Counter - Wendy Chiam, TM
Timer -Ismail Omar

Prepared Speech - Shaun Heng #2 Title: Habits: The Good the Bad and The Ugly
Prepared Speech - Nik Ayman #3 Title: My New Crave
Prepared Speech - Col Szulkarnain Abdullah #4 Title: Gratitude
Prepared Speech - Emily, ACB, CL ACM The Entertaining Speaker #3
                              Title: My childhood dreams

Speech Evaluator - Lim Yikang, TM
Speech Evaluator - Ismail Omar, DTM
Speech Evaluator - Richard Toh, CL
Speech Evaluator - Anthony se Souza, TM

Word of the Day - Dearth
Theme - Favourite Books

Toastmasters Statistics Worldwide -
Current Active Clubs: 13957, Memberships: 319166

Friday, March 28, 2014

Next Meeting: Tuesday 8 April 2014

Presiding Officer - Anthony de Souza
SAA - Jesselynne Lai
Invocator - Cyril Jonas, ACS, ALS
TME - Yikang Lim, TM
Table Topics Master - Mariel Fong, TM
Humour Master -
Table Topics Evaluator -
General Evaluator - Richard Toh
Grammarian -
AH Counter -
Timer -

Prepared Speech - Wendy Chiam, TM #6 The Forest Odyssey
Prepared Speech - Edward ACM #4 The Little Prince
Prepared Speech - Col. Dzulkarnain #3
Prepared Speech -

Speech Evaluator - Sandra Ghouse, CTM, CL
Speech Evaluator - Lim Yikang
Speech Evaluator - Col Nik M Zaki
Speech Evaluator -

Word of the Day -
Theme -

Toastmasters Statistics Worldwide -
Current Active Clubs: 14712, Memberships: 308839

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Meeting of 25-3-14

Lasat Meeting on 25-3-2014
Place: Bankers Club, Floor 22
Time: 19:15 for 19:30 sharp

TME: Dalila Hashim (pic above)
TTM: Col. Dzulkarnain
TTE: Richard Toh, CL
Timer: Wendy, TM
AH Counter: Emily Lau, ACB, CL

GE: Edward

  1. Yikang Lim #8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids 5-7 minutes
  2. Endrea Hugh #2 Organise your Speech 5-7 minutes
  3. Mariel Fong #3 Get to the Point 5-7 min. "There is such a thing as a Free Lunch"
  4. Edward #3 The Morale of the Story 4-6 minutes

  1. Cyril Jonas, ACS, CL
  2. Rhoda Omar, CC, CL
  3. Boklan, TM
  4. Richard Toh, CL

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last meeting 11th March 2014

Table Topics.

TTM: Cyril

TTE: Lim Yikang

Induction of New Members (4):

One Mentor per new member to be appointed

Induction officer: Cyril Jonas,

    Dalila Hashim (Rhoda Omar)
    Col Dzulkarnain Abdullah (Col Nik M Zaki)
    Endrea Hugh (Rhoda Omar)
    Shaun Heng (Richard Toh)

Speeches (5):

Evaluation only 3 minutes:

    Shaun Heng #1 (Evaluator Cyril)
    Endrea Hugh #1 (Evaluator Edward)
    Col Dzulkarnain #2  (Evaluator Open)
    Dalila #3  (Evaluator Open)
    Edward ACM #3 (Evaluator Open)

Volunteers needed:

    GE: Grace Chan
    TME: Col. Nik M Zaki
    AH Counter/Grammarian: Jesselynne/Richard
    Timer: Rhoda

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Report of Our Meeting

Report of Our Meeting of on Tuesday 25 Feb 2014

at 19:00 Floor 22 AMODA (Bankers Club)
Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Flag Counter

SAA: Edward Omar, DTM
TME: Jason Toh, TM
TTM: Lim Yikang, TM
TTE: Col. Nik M Zaki, CC, CL
GE: Kanarajah Pillai, ACB, CL
Grammarian: Mariel Fong
'AH' Ng Boklan
Timer: Col. Dzulkarnain
No Role: Richard Toh

Project Speakers:
  1. Col. Dzulkarnain CCM#1
  2. Jesselynne Lai CCM#3
  3. Edward Omar ACM #2
  4. Cyril Jonas ACM #2
Speech Evaluators:

  1. Edward Omar, DTM
  2. Rhoda Omar CC, CL
  3. Emily Lau, ACB, 
  4. Kanarajah Pillai, ACB, CL

  1. Anna Couzet (Edward's Guest from French Meetup)
  2. Sara Haigbrown (Edward's Guest from French Meetup)
  3. Azzad Hossein  (Edward's Guest from French Meetup)
  4. Endrea Hugh (Found us on blog: Joining as a member)
  5. Shaun Heng (Found us on blog: Joining as a member)
  6. Jason Lee (Regular Guest)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Report of Meeting 11-2-2014

Our Meeting on Tuesday 11 Feb 2014 went well
at 19:00 Floor 22 AMODA (Bankers Club)
Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

SAA: Mariel Fong
TME: Ismail Omar, DTM
TTM: Jesselynne Lai
TTE: Jason Toh
Grammarian: Col. Nik M Zaki, CC, CL
'AH' Counter: Rhoda Omar, CC, CL
Timer: Col. Dzulkarnian Abdullah

Project Speakers:
  1. Dalila Hashim (pic below) CCM#2
  2. Wendy Chiam CCM#5
  3. Lim Yikang CCM#7
  4. Cyril Jonas ACM #1

Speech Evaluators:

  1. Jason Toh
  2. Ng Boklan
  3. Sylvia Tan, CC
  4. Sidney Ng, CC

To confirm your participation go to http://easy-speak.org/