Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meeting #765 Charity Begins at Home Post Mortem

What was your highlight for meeting #765. What do you have to say to 3 new members in TMIKL? Membership had now rocketing to a strong three zero, 30! That is if everyone renews their membership, and yes, it is due now my dear members.

New blood in TMIKL, bring down the average age of members in the oldest club in D51
Some people don't believe in slow and steady. This rising star in TMIKL impressed us from the very beginning! Glad you joined us Kenny!

Kenny delivered his icebreaker speech like a pro!
DTM Cyril Jonas delivered "Is personal branding crucial to success?" from the advanced communicator manual which received the full participation from everyone. If the chairs and tables could talk, they would have to give their 30s opinions too!

Now, how do you facilitate a room of 30 people and summarized everyone's opinion into just 3 key points? If you miss the 1st half of the speech this time, don't miss the 2nd half of the speech, coming to you very soon!

Our own TMIKL brand
Can you emulate the achievements of these gentlemen? Congratulations to DTM Ismail Omar and DTM Cyril Jonas for attaining the Distinguished Toastmaster Award! Both are men of wit, grit, and always in high spirit! Even the highest education award in Toastmasters will not deter them to outdo themselves over and again!

Distinguished men in TMIKL
I am sure the guests wouldn't object if we were to rate ourselves 8.5/10 for this meeting?

Leave us a message and let us know what you think we should do more in a meeting to make your 3 hours spent with us worthwhile. It's our pleasure to have you in our meeting, till we meet next time!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Area P1 & P2 present to you all the happenings in September 2015:-

September is going to be a busy month, let me share with you, "why so"...

Credit: http://goo.gl/FlVJzF
Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest:
1st September 2015 (Tuesday): P1 Allianz TMC
2nd September 2015 (Wednesday): P2 MAXIS Speakers TMC
8th September 2015 (Tuesday): P1 TMIKL TMC, Organizing Chair: Richard Toh
9th September 2015 (Wednesday): P2 BIB TMC, Organizing Chair: JCe' Yong
10th September 2015 (Thursday): P2 Metro TMC, Organizing Chair: Nazaruddin Nicky Abdullah

Joint Contest for Area P1&P2 (Tuesday): 15th September 2015 at Wisma Allianz, Jalan Gereja.
Organizing Chair: Ismail Omar

Culminating in Division P Contest: 3rd October 2015 (Saturday)

Credit: https://goo.gl/HOfuEa

From other friendly TMCs in Division D:
17th September 2015 (Thursday): D1 Sunway University TMC

We are looking for various role players, judges, test speakers, ballot counters, timers, please, we need you to decide your worthy champions!

Credit: https://goo.gl/HOfuEa

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meeting #765 Charity begins at home

Picture credit: http://goo.gl/jUWpn6
In the past month, we welcomed the news of a generous anonymous donor from Aladdin land who deposited a huge sum of money into the personal bank account of our Prime Minister. As we are told, the Prime Minister is just the trustee and the donation money had or will trickle down to people of all walks of life in Malaysia, nothing for personal gain, oh yeah baby!

Mr Prime Minister is just a man with big power and burdened with bigger responsibilities. I say, in the prime minister we trust. Meanwhile, TMIKL's treasurer, DTM Ismail Omar will be checking TMIKL's bank account very frequently in hope to find generous donation from a good Samaritan. Are you our good Samaritan?

Anyway, TMIKL's half yearly membership fee is due NOW. Thank you very much.  

In line with the talk of the town, our theme is Charity begins at home. Charity or service, is one of the four core values of TMI. the other 3 being, integrity, excellence and respect. It is also charity or service by all dedicated toastmasters who want to give back and to pay it forward that keep TMIKL going, 37 years on, stronger with each passing year. Past president Shawn Kwong, Sandra Ghouse, Cyril Jonas can certainly confirm that. 

Thank you DTM Cosy Amar for sharing this 
In terms of monetary charity, only a miracle of cosmic proportion can emulate the 2.6 Billion dollar "fallen durian". However, there is no stopping us from practicing the simple virtue of giving, whether it is a sincere thank you to show your gratitude, go going the extra mile to lend a helping hand to someone in need. 

They say, "Charity begins at home and home is where the heart is". How do we define home? A place where we return to at the end of the day? A place where we could freely travel freely without a passport? Or just any place where the sun shines. That is up to us to define.

While we don't have to be dreamers to try to end all wars to bring about war peace, can we at least remind ourselves that charity starts now and here. Remember to say thank you to show gratitude, clap hands to show appreciate, reciprocate to help people and help pave a highway in their toastmasters journey? Yes, the power is in your hands! Can i hear you sing, "I have got the power," please? 

With that, the future of President Distinguished Club, TMIKL lies in you, the life of a fellow toastmasters depends on you (sorry, sounded too serious here)! Over to you my fellow TMIKL-ites.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

COT1 at Sunway University, 1st August 2015

And you thought COT is always about getting the 1 DCP point (maybe your president begged you to go). For some of us, it is only a 10% bonus, and this is my personal breakdown. 

20%- To meet beautiful people who can't stop talking...

This is just an example only

20%- To listen to really hilarious DTMs, free summore!
We thought DTM Muthukumaran Kodiappen was competing for Humorous Speech Contest
 20%- To feel young again, yey back to University!

Picture credit: https://goo.gl/Q7ktnS
 20%- To feel good after being told how important you are as a club officer

Picture credit: http://goo.gl/EavHA2
10%- To find out how you can make strangers join Toastmasters and make all toastmasters stay

and finally...

10%- DCP point, the meehoon, the kueh are really only a bonus.

Tell us what do you think? The great, the mediocre and the meh moments in COT1!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hooray, it's Nik Ayman's birthday today!

Today is Nik Ayman's Birthday! To her sister, he is a handsome brother, to us in TMIKL, he is an awesome "family member" too! Happy Birthday Nik Ayman!
Credit: With permission from Nik Syuhada

 Do you have any wishes for Nik Ayman, leave him a comment! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Meeting #764 Curiosity must be kept alive

Distressed call was received from the TME CC Ceyvian Chan, her car had a puncture and she was left stranded at 6.45p.m. 45mins to meeting #764, oh my, can we still disprove Murphy's law?
Only a fire can stop TMIKL from starting on time, definitely not a puncture tire, hence meeting started at 7.30pm sharp, to a T, but without the TME.

SAA, Col. Nik Zaki called the meeting to order, President Rajesh welcomed members and guests, some members were still busy exchanging intellectual opinions about the abrupt departure of some higher ups in Putola Jahya.

Wearing the hat of an invocator, Razwan was inspiring as an adult who urged us to be curious like a 5 year old. That speech could be his #9 speech, Persuade with power!

Humor session was brought forward, Razwan changed his hat, and this time he was the humor master who tickled our bones with a joke about Queen Elizabeth, PM, DPM and also Lim Guan Ying. Yi Kang shared a joke as well, which, surprising got a response from Wendy, who didn't understand. Well, no point explaining a joke, as least she was listening.

TME arrived before 8p.m, Ceyvian looked like she had just completed a half marathon, but still have enough stamina to go the distance and complete full marathon. It must be an eventful day for her, I could see it from her melted make-up.

Rajesh was the boisterous TTM of the day with topics about being curious. However not everyone agreed, because not everyone is Einstein. Do you believe that Einstein is neither clever nor especially gifted? Kerain Shah certainly didn't think so, and dear sir, you have a point! Cyril Jonas was asked about, "First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity," and he answered like DTM Cyril Jonas. We will all have to wait another day to see Cyril Jonas in a tongue tied moment.

4 brilliant assignment speech speakers, by Rajesh, Cyril Jonas, Amar Pannu and new kid in TMIKL, Jonny Lim.

Rajesh is always the positive, "can do", "no problem", "i will show you how," go getter! He presented us with a conundrum on how to save Malaysia. Both he and PM, Najib Razak was on a mission yesterday. PM was all about saving Malaysia, purging one deputy at a time while Rajesh was about saving Malaysia, one mill at a time. A factual speech with frightening numbers on waste created in palm mills, but we in Rajesh we trust, to convert, "Waste into Energy."

Up next, Amar Pannu spoke about, "#3 Planning a vacation." Leave it to the expert, the man himself. After all, reputable travel consultants are like Google Maps who know better than everyone else and charge only a small fee. (you have the right now to blame somebody when your vacation gone wrong). Amar, it's only your speech #3, and we can see you becoming more confident and at ease with each speech, so join us more regularly.

Cyril Jonas was confident in his speech about,"Free yourself of limitations," which reminded me of this movie, Limitless. We particularly like Cyril Jonas anecdotal story-telling. This time it's about the fate of 2 monks, one who let self-perceived limit shackle him to death and the opposite monk who set himself free because he is his own limit.


Finally new joiner Jonny was the most passionate story teller. Breaking the ice with, "#1 My History," It was a showcase of passion, of self believe and overwhelming in positive energies. Bruce Lee's, "Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one," resonated loud and clear within us now! Good job Jonny.

GE was our own Anthony de Souza, his sharp wits, off the cuff comments laden with many take home pointers for all set the mood to end another marvelous evening at TMIKL. Former President of TMIKL Kwong Chee Seong was in the house! Even he was impressed how far TMIKL has come along since he left. We think he will be back to join us, maybe another stint as the President? Yes, Mr Kwong?

It was also Rhoda's birthday yesterday, we sang a belated Birthday Song, because not a single member's birthday should pass by without a whimper! Oh well, mine was in May, nobody sang me a song, but I still look forward to next year.

Thank you for a great evening, you guys are the ones who made TMIKL great. We are TMIKL, and we are a President's Distinguished Club"

See you at meeting #765!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rhoda Omar celebrates her birthday and Meeting #764 tomorrow

Rhoda Omar celebrates her x-th birthday today! Nobody bothered to ask what number is the "x", as we will always regard Rhoda as the chatty, exuberant, bubbly, kind, supportive big sister we have in TMIKL. We are sure all the cats who crossed path with Rhoda would also agree. Happy Birthday to you Rhoda Omar!
Picture stolen without permission
OK, not so mysterious anymore
  Some birthday wishes to our beloved Rhoda Omar are immortalized in this blogspot:-

Lim Yi Kang, " Happy birthday Rhoda. Wishing you a healthy living, active lifestyle, stay young, beautiful and dangerous!"

Razwan,Anthony, Dalila, Stirling Kho, "Happy birthday, Rhoda!"

Sandra Ghouse, "Happy Birthday dearest Rhoda. May you have a wonderful birthday and may all your dreams come true."

 Endrea Hugh, "Happy Birthday to my lovely mentor! May you have a joyous celebration [confetti] [present] [confetti]."

Richard Toh, "Happy birthday to our club's sister [cake] [present]."

Rajesh typed Rhoda a birthday song! Rhoda will hear it again tomorrow.

Cyril Jonas, "Happy birthday Rhoda, may you be blessed with many years to look after the cats in world." How did Cyril know that Rhoda is the real cat woman?

Source: http://goo.gl/YP1EQF
 Mariel, " who is gonna buy the cake tomorrow? Oh, should have blown the cake with Edward that day...only 1 cake per month."

Ismail Omar, "Kedekutnya."

For the rest of you reading this, join us tomorrow for the meeting with the theme, "Curiosity must be kept Alive. Life is for Living."
Source: http://goo.gl/mbHprw